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365 days of me talking about things that don't concern you i guess
17 January 12

Day 17: your idol and why you look up to them

The Used

they were homeless, fought drug abuse, and god knows what else,

and look where they are today

Posted: 11:25 PM
15 January 12

Day 15: a song that makes you cry and why

When You’re Gone - Avril Lavigne

when I think about the army, and the fact that someone very close to me could die, I think it explains itself.

Posted: 11:07 PM

Day 14: write about something’ you believe in, anything at all

It’s late so I’m not going to write about it, but second chances. And doing the right thing because you should.

13 January 12

Day 13: your favorite quote

"When you understand that what you’re telling is just a story. It isn’t happening anymore. When you realize the story you’re telling is just words, when you can just crumble it up and throw your past in the trashcan, then we’ll figure out who you’re going to be."

  Invisible Monsters, Chuck Palahniuk

12 January 12

Day 12: the best advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

They’re lyrics”

Am I still breathing?

Then nothing is as bad as it seems

So just keep breathing, and keep calm.

11 January 12

Day 11: the worst advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

I can’t think of any. No one’s really given me advice, except for my peers and I tend not to listen to what they say. I guess the worst advice is no advice at all.

10 January 12

Day 10: what you think when you hear the words “be yourself”

I don’t really think, I just panic. I don’t know who myself is, so how can I possibly be that?

9 January 12

Day 9: things that make you happy

  • Little kids, above the age of two
  • love
  • the last day of school for the summer
  • sleeping
  • napping
  • being hugged by someone who fits your body perfectly
8 January 12

Day 8: things that make you sad

  • thinking of getting old
  • when two people who were so in love once fight
  • looking at abused, injured, abandoned animals.
  • loneliness
  • reminiscing
  • seeing the hate in people’s hearts.
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh